Cornerstone Outdoor IBO 3D Tournament (NASP Style 3D)

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Cornerstone Church
4509 Salt Creek Drive
Duncan Falls , OH 43734
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Registration Period: 2/26/2024 3:44:00 PM-4/25/2024
Tournament Date: 4/27/2024

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Other Information
Centershot Outdoor 3D tournament is a NASP style tournament that will be shot outdoors, with archers shooting line under a shelter house, with space for spectators to watch, towards a field edge. Curtains will be up to prevent lost arrows, and this is a FUN Shoot which NASP and Centershot archers, grades 4-12 are eligible to shoot. Cost is $10, unless also shooting the Bullseye tournament at same location, then cost is $5. Awards 1st - 5th each class will be given out after final rounds of BOTH tournaments are completed. Great Concessions available. Contact Doug Morehouse (740)683-1814 for more info, or

ES Male $10.00
ES Female $10.00
MS Male $10.00
MS Female $10.00
HS Male $10.00
HS Female $10.00