2023 IBO Indoor World Championship

Results will be posted here when available.
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Cooper Progress Park, Building #1
105 N Sandusky Street
Mount Vernon , OH 43050
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Important Dates (Registration Times are Eastern Time Zone)
Registration Period: 12/7/2022 2:00:00 PM-2/8/2023 8:00:00 PM
Tournament Dates: 2/10/2023-2/12/2023

Contact Info

IBO Office 



Hunter Class (HC) (Short Range)$60.00
Female Hunter Class (FHC) (Short Range)$60.00
Beginner Bowhunter Open (BBO) (Long Range)$60.00
Future Bowhunters (FBH)$0.00
Cub (CUB) (Short Range)$45.00
Youth Hunter (YH) (Short Range)$60.00
Youth Release Ages 12-14 (YMR 12-14) (Short Range)$60.00
Youth Release Ages 15-17 (YMR 15-17) (Long Range)$60.00
Female Youth (FY) (Short Range)$60.00
Hunter Fingers (HF) (Short Range)$60.00
Master Hunter (MHC) (Short Range)$60.00
Senior Female Hunter (SFHC) (Short Range)$60.00
Senior Hunter (SHC) (Short Range)$60.00
Male Bowhunter Open (MBO) (Long Range)$60.00
Female Bowhunter Open (FBO) (Long Range)$60.00
Male Bowhunter Release (MBR) (Long Range)$60.00
Female Bowhunter Release (FBR) (Short Range)$60.00
Advanced Hunter Class (AHC) (Long Range)$60.00
Female Seniors (FSR) (Long Range)$60.00
Men’s Senior Class (MSR) (Long Range)$60.00
Masters Class (MCBH) (Long Range)$60.00
Senior Master Class (SMC) (Long Range)$60.00
Crossbow (X-BOW) (Long Range)$60.00
Veterans Class (VET) (Long Range)$60.00
Bare Bow (BB) (Short Range)$60.00
Longbow (LB) (Short Range)$60.00
Senior Traditional (ST) (Short Range)$60.00
Female Bare Bow (FBB) (Short Range)$60.00
Semi-Pro (SPM) (Long Range)$145.00
Pro Male Release (PMR) (Long Range)$305.00
Pro Female (PRF) (Long Range)$280.00
Pro Seniors (PSR) (Long Range)$280.00
Pro Hunter (PHC) (Long Range)$145.00
Traditional (TRD) (Short Range)$60.00